Mary’s Farm started more than 80 years ago. You see Mary’s grandfather was one of the first to venture to this end-of-the-road jungle on the beach. These first settlers came with only what could be packed in on horseback. They made a clearing and started with shelter. Over the years these pioneers came to build a village. No roads and certainly no vehicles, horse trails and footpaths were the only transportation routes. People made their own clothing, the rancho houses they lived in, cooked over open fires the food they had grown, gathered, or hunted; totally self sufficient and isolated.

So, feeling a need to make a connection to this rich past and to take our fresh and local attitude to the next level, several years ago we started Mary’s Farm. Located across the stream directly in back of the restaurant, on the same fields that Mary’s father used to farm rice, beans, and corn is what has become a whole new culinary adventure.

We currently have a hydroponic greenhouse producing all our salad greens and fresh herbs, three separate fields of rotating crops of peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, squash, cucumber, spinach, and zucchini. Also we have a rotating flock of 250 chickens, 35 laying hens and 6 pigs. All of this grows from and feeds too the restaurant in a beautiful symbiotic loop of plant, feed, and harvest. Or as they as say “Farm to Table”…

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